Added value of Quality inside onion sets

The best red and yellow varieties. As a breeding company we are able to develop varieties that are specifically suitable for cultivation as onion sets. This results in onion set varieties with unique genetics and qualities. 

Health and quality control. Production is carried out according to Naktuinbouw standards and our own thorough quality control system. This guarantees the quality and health of our delivered consignments. 

Produced exclusively by the specialists. Quality inside onion sets are exclusively produced under supervision of Broer B.V., a daughter company of Bejo and De Groot en Slot. Broer B.V. has many years of experience in the production of first year onion sets. 

Full traceability. The entire process is managed from seed cultivation until the harvest of onion sets, through storage, cleaning, processing and packaging. We have full traceability of our delivered consignments. 

Graded sizes. All consignments can be graded in different sizes prior to delivery. 

Set count. Samples of all consignments have undergone a set count per kg; the grower is able to plant the right amount of sets per hectare. 

Different packages. Quality inside onion sets can be packed in different packages, varying from 150 gram bags up to 1000 kg big bags.

Advantages of onion sets

Shorter growing season than seed onions, essential for regions where the growing season is too short for seed onions such as the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic States. 

Earlier harvest than seed onions. The growing period of an onion set is up to 4 weeks shorter compared to the growing period of the same variety grown from seed. 

Higher dry matter content. Onions grown from sets have a higher dry matter content compared to the same variety grown from seed. 

Onion sets are less susceptible to day length 

  • Varieties that need shorter days to develop bulbs can be grown on higher latitudes as onion sets than the same variety grown from seed. 
  • Varieties that need longer days to develop bulbs can be grown on lower latitudes as onion sets than the same variety grown from seed.

Especially suited for the cultivation of early or large onions. Overwintering varieties like Troy and the early varieties like Forum will be ready for harvest before the first onions from seed are harvested. This is an advantage because the grower is able to deliver the first onions of the new season. By making the right choices, the grower can aim for an early harvest of normal sized onions or a later harvest of large onions: 

  • Sorting out the plant material. Large onion sets have greater reserves for growing faster and also have a head start due to their size in comparison with small onion sets. If the different sizes (10-14mm, 14-17 mm, 17-21 mm and 21-24 mm) are planted separately, the big sized onion sets are ready for harvest earlier. However, there is an increased risk of flower stalks forming related with the big sized (21-24 mm size), depending on the growing season! A second advantage of planting the different sizes separately is a more uniform crop. 
  • Using the correct variety. Early varieties such as Forum and Troy will start the maturity process early. If Troy is planted for overwintering cultivation, it will mature even earlier than Forum. Sherman, Hercules and Stur BC 20 continue growing longer. The growing period of a Rijnsburger onion set is even longer and therefore is ready for harvest later. Varieties with a longer growing period have the potential to grow larger. 
  • Planting density. More sets per hectare gives less room to grow and results in smaller onions and an earlier ripening. Less sets per hectare results in later maturity and a harvest of large onions.