Quality inside

Straight from the breeder

Quality inside is the brand under which the newest onion sets varieties of Bejo/De Groot en Slot are marketed. These onion sets varieties consist of unique genetics, coming from the long standing onion breeding program of these companies.

Quality inside onion sets are exclusively produced under supervision of Broer B.V., a daughter company of Bejo and De Groot en Slot. Broer B.V. has many years of experience in the production of first year onion sets. The entire process is managed from seed cultivation until the harvest of onion sets, through storage, cleaning, and processing. We have full traceability of our delivered consignments. Therefore we can offer a strictly controlled, healthy product, cultivated and controlled following Naktuinbouw standards and procedures, complemented by the Bejo Quality control system. 

The assortment of Quality inside offers you various unique varieties which are suitable for different circumstances and purposes. The breeding department of Bejo/De Groot en Slot is directly involved in Quality inside, and has a continuous breeding program specifically for onion sets. 

These varieties, together with the strictly controlled cultivation and processing of the first year sets and the experience of both Bejo/De Groot en Slot and Broer, offer you the best start for a successful onion sets growing season.

What is Quality inside?
  • Onion sets varieties with unique genetics
  • A strictly controlled, healthy product
  • Precise grading of the sets for an uniform crop development
  • Advice from the specialists